We are a multi-ethnic community of students at UCLA who are seeking to know the full life that Jesus offers. We offer small group communities throughout the dorms and apartments where we study the life of Jesus, the purposes of God, challenging one another to put our faith into action.

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Spring Fling 2015

Posted April 14, 2015


Cost: $40

Register Here

Spend the weekend with IVBCF studying the Word of God and bring it to life. During Spring Fling, we host another weekend long manuscript study conference. Here, we will continue our studies from the year and spend a couple of days letting the Word transform us.

Studies offered:

- Luke Study: (for new students) An in-depth look at the Gospel of Luke, and seeing who Jesus was and how you can apply these ideas to your life.
- Mark I: (for students currently in a Mark Study) An continuation of the Gospel of Mark. Seeing how the life and ministry of Jesus applies to your life today.
- Mark II: (for those have finished Mark I) Continuing to look at the second half of the Gospel of Mark and how it translates to everyday life.
- Sermon on the Mount: Continuing from January Jumpstart. An in-depth look into one of Jesus’s greatest sermons!
- Genesis: Discussing the meaning, relevance, and implications of the creation story. (for Juniors who have finished Mark II)
- Senior Seminar: A look at discipleship after college, including topics such as relationships, work, family, church etc.

What to bring:

-$40 to register. Cash is fine, but all checks should be made out to IVBCF
-Colored pencils or pens
-Please bring your manuscripts for continuing studies.

January Jumpstart 2015

Posted December 19, 2014

Cost: $40
Register by: Thursday, January 15th by Midnight
Register Here

Spend the weekend with IVBCF studying the Word of God and bring it to life. As you dive into the word through inductive study, this conference will be one of the most exciting and powerful events you attend at UCLA!

Studies offered:
-Mark Manuscript Study (for new students to BCF)
-Mark 2 (for those who have finished Mark 1)
-Sermon on the Mount (for those who have finished Mark 2)
-Genesis (for Juniors who have finished Mark 2)
-Senior Seminar

What to bring:
-$40 to register. In cash or in checks made to IVBCF (InterVarsity Bruin Christian Fellowship).
-Colored pencils or pens. You’ll be taking a lot of notes!
-If you are in Mark 2 for the first time, bring your Mark manuscript with you! (All other study tools will be provided)

La Fe January Jumpstart Dinner Fundraiser

LaFe is going to be selling a dinner plate Friday night of January Jumpstart!

2 chicken and cheese enchiladas, beans and rice, for $5.
Vegetarian enchiladas are an option, in which case it will be just cheese.

Please sign up before Thursday 1/15 if you would like to support and buy a plate!
We will be located outside of Rolfe 1200, Friday at 5:15 pm to hand out food for those who ordered!

Sign up, bring your $5, and enjoy some bomb Mexican food!

Missions 2015

Posted November 17, 2014


IVBCF Missions Trip
Spring/Summer 2015

To be considered for going on missions trip with InterVarsity for Spring or Summer break,
please answer the questions in the reflection form below
and email BCFmissions1415@gmail.com by Saturday, Nov. 22nd.

Reflection Forms

BCF Spring Break Missions Reflection 2014

BCF Summer Missions Reflection 2014


  1. Email your answers to the reflection questions above to BCFmissions1415@gmail.com by Saturday, Nov. 22nd.  (You can also find this handout online at www.ivbcf.org, under “Resources”)
  2. Sign up for a conversation with staff or an older student to help process your decision. You will be sent access to a google spreadsheet to sign up online for a 45 minute slot during 8th or 9th week.
  3. Be sure to talk to your family over Thanksgiving.
  4. By Sunday Dec. 14th (Sunday before Finals week): Give us the official “yes” or “no” as to whether you want to be considered for a team.
  5. Winter quarter: You will be invited to join a specific team if the staff feel it would be a good fit for you.

       Note: If you are considering both Spring and Summer Missions, fill out the Summer Missions form which cover a few more questions.