January Jumpstart 2018

January JumpStart Generic

Date: January 26-28th (Fri-Sun)
Cost: $40
Register Here

Spend the weekend with IVBCF studying the Word of God and bring it to life. As you dive into the word through inductive study, this conference will be one of the most exciting and powerful events you attend at UCLA!

Studies offered:
-Mark 1 Manuscript Study (for new students to IVBCF)
-Mark 2 (for both new and repeating studiers)
-Genesis (for Juniors who have finished Mark)
-Senior Seminar (Seniors only)

What to bring:
-$45 to register. In cash or in checks made to IVBCF (InterVarsity Bruin Christian Fellowship).
-Colored pencils or pens. You’ll be taking a lot of notes!
-If you are in Mark 2 for the first time, bring your Mark manuscript with you! (All other study tools will be provided)