Manuscript Studies

Manuscript bible study was a method created by an InterVarsity staff worker named Paul Byer. Through this method, we position ourselves to understand the original context of the scripture, and attempt to put us in the shoes of the original audience to best understand what the author originally intended to say. It is a tool that helps us find truths about ourselves and about God in order to apply it to our lives. We want this method to teach us how to be observers of what is happening around us and be able to translate and understand what is happening.

The main place we offer manuscript studies is at conferences. Here are the manuscript studies that one can experience throughout their years in BCF:

  • Mark 1
  • Mark 2
  • Mark 1 Repeaters
  • Mark 2 Repeaters
  • Genesis
  • Luke

Through these various manuscript studies, we hope to come together as a community to study the Word, as well as let the Word transform and grow us together as we learn what it means to follow Jesus during both our time in college and the rest of our lives.

Manuscript studies will begin in January, so look forward to them at our upcoming conference, January Jumpstart!

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