Servant Teams

Here in BCF, we believe that one of the core values of witness is servanthood. With the many servant teams we have, we hope that students would see them as opportunities to not only put their talents and skills into action for our community, but to also grow in selfless love for one another. Servant teams mainly take part in putting together Catalyst, our large group meetings. Each unique component comes together each night to help students learn more about who Jesus is and how he plays a significant role in our lives.


The goal of the hospitality team is to make those who come to Catalyst feel welcomed. They greet people as they come in through the doors, ready to give attendees nametags, as well as provide refreshments. Throughout the night, they assist with various tasks such as collecting our follow-up cards to ensure everyone stays connected to community.


This hard-working team comes to Catalyst hours before it begins to set up (and stays afterward to break-down) equipment for worship and amplified sound for the emcees and speaker of the night. They also prepare various props and other multimedia equipment needed, such as controlling the soundboard.


Combining the world of visual arts with a good sense of mood and atmosphere, this team turns an ordinary lecture hall into a gathering place for Catalyst. The ambiance team not only creates original art pieces that engage students with the content for the night, they also use their eye for décor to allow us to feel more at home.


This team focuses on using new media to create content for Catalyst, and assists in communication through event promos, flyers, and managing the website, Facebook, and Instagram page for the fellowship. Through various gifts, the media team uses videos and graphics to help students interact with topics at Catalyst in new ways while providing a fun medium.

Performing Arts

The performing arts team is a team that uses the stage in creative ways to help students respond to the content of Catalyst. From dance to drama to spoken word, this team creates original performance pieces and gives the audience a very unique way that Jesus can interact with us.


This band of talented musicians is seen throughout the night, helping us engage with God through a diverse set of multicultural music. Wherever we are at, the worship team invites us with their music to come together as a community to praise God, as well as to be met by Him personally.


This group of leaders in our community is always ready to help students process the ways that God might be speaking to them during Catalyst. Towards the end of night, students who feel encouraged to share the things that are going on personally or just want to receive prayer will have the opportunity to do so from various people from the response team.


Understanding the power of prayer, our intercessory team comes together weekly to intercede for the things around us. From students to our fellowship to our campus to our world, this group of students puts this value into action and puts our hope unto God himself.


Logistics can be mind-numbing, but our administration team does not fear numbers and excel sheets. This team plays an essential role in the most basic things that we need as a fellowship–from obtaining meeting rooms to helping us budget to being a liaison to UCLA , this team keeps our fellowship running smoothly and sanely.

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