InterVarsity Bruin Christian Fellowship here on UCLA offers a variety of different events students can attend to grow closer in community, make new friends, and, last but not least, learn more and grow closer to Jesus. Below are brief overviews of the different kinds of events we have to offer to each area at UCLA and to the campus as a whole.



Catalyst is a time of worship and teaching that welcomes people from all backgrounds. We look at how Jesus invites us into a relationship that will forever change who we are, how we see people and how we interact with the world around us. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, join us to discover more about who Jesus is and what he offers you in your time here in college.

Time & Location

When: Thursdays @ 7:30 pm
Location: See calendar or the full catalyst page for the specific weeks & more info.
General Location: Broad 2160e  (1st Week and onwards)



                                                        Fall Conference 2015

One of the best ways we grow as a community are through the conferences and retreats that we hold throughout the year. The hope of conferences are for us to continue to grow in our spiritual journeys as a community, as well as be able to have fun together.

Check out our calendar for specific dates and the conferences page for a full listing of IVBCF’s annual conferences.

Small Groups



IVBCF offers small groups throughout the dorms and apartments at UCLA. These groups are committed to building community, studying the Bible, prayer/worship, and reaching the campus. Overall, we will have fun in a smaller, yet, tightly-knit group of friends in your dorm/apartment area. We also have focused ministries that are catered to specific groups on campus: LaFe (Latino Small Group), Commuter Small Group, BCM (Black Campus Ministires), Prism (LGBT Friendly Small Group), ISM (International Students Ministries) and SEAM (Southeast Asian Ministries).

See our small groups page for a list of all small groups hosted, schedules, and pictures of your fellow small group leaders!

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