One of the best ways we grow as a community are through the conferences and retreats that we hold throughout the year. The hope of conferences are for us to continue to grow in our spiritual journeys as a community, as well as be able to have fun together.

Below you will find an introduction to the various conferences that we have each year.

To find specific dates about upcoming conferences, check out our calendar.

Fall Conference

Our very first conference of year kicks off in October. Normally spent at the beautiful Catalina Island (at InterVarsity’s Campus by the Sea facilities), this time we will spend Fall Con in the San Bernardino National Forest at Alpine Camp and Conference. Come experience a weekend of hearing amazing speakers, engaging in musical worship, building deeper relationships within the community, and just simply getting away and having fun on a gorgeous island.

For more information about Alpine Camp and Conference, click here.

January Jumpstart

Want to spend a weekend being transformed by studying the Word? Then this is the conference for you! Using the manuscript inductive study method developed by Paul Byer, students will able to look through the Gospel of Mark and study the scripture in its original context and meaning. Along with having fun in various study groups, we want the Word to actually apply to our lives and continue to grow on our spiritual journeys.

Frosh Conference

A conference for new students to learn what Jesus has to say about injustice. This conference is a life-changing weekend as we learn about God’s love and how to pursue social justice in a broken world.


Can.This.Wait. is the perfect place for those who want to find out more about who Jesus is. For a weekend, it is a safe environment to ask the tough questions about Christianity and what it means to follow Jesus. On top of all that, it is a fun time to get away for a weekend, at once again, the beautiful Catalina Island.

Spring Fling

During Spring Fling, we host another weekend long manuscript study conference. Here, we continue our studies from the year and spend a couple of days letting the Word transform us. For new students, we offer Luke Study, where they can experience the inductive method and apply what they learn to their lives.

Summer Conference

Our last conference of year, Summer Conference is a week of fun with no finals or exams to worry about. After the last week of school, this conference allows students to celebrate what Jesus has done in the past year, as well as dive into a week-long manuscript studies. With tons of time to have fun with the community and relax, Summer Conference is a great place to grow in our spiritual journeys.


Momentum is our pre-fall conference where we reconnect as a community and vision together for what the upcoming year holds for us.

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