Small Groups

InterVarsity Bruin Christian Fellowship offers small groups throughout the dorms and apartments at UCLA. These groups are committed to building community, studying the Bible, prayer/worship, and reaching the campus. Overall, we will have fun in a smaller, yet, tightly-knit group of friends in your dorm/apartment area. We also have focused ministries that are catered to specific groups on campus: LaFe (Latino Small Group), Commuter Small Group, BCM (Black Campus Ministires), PRISM (LGBTQ Friendly Small Group), ISM (International Student Ministries), and SEAM (Southeast Asian Ministries).

All groups are co-ed unless otherwise noted.

Contact Area Leaders for more info

Black Campus Ministries (BCM)

 Meljon Salazar
BCM Area Leader
Courtside C7 303
Tuesdays @ 7:30pm
Men’s Group
 Signora Newton



 Eryka Hadel



 Kemeka Corry



 Bridget Appiah

Latino Student Ministry (LaFe)

 Diana Ramirez
LaFe Area Leader

Weekly meetings in 449 Landfair #9 @ 6:45pm
Marialicia Gonzalez Kim Ayala Mayra Fuentes Briana Perez
 Glafira Lopez  Matthew Allen

PRISM (LGBTQ Friendly)

Kim Lau
PRISM Leader & Rieber/Saxon Area LeaderPRISM meets Tuesday @ 7pm

De Neve

Jessica Liu
De Neve Area Leader & International Student Ministries Leader (ISM) with Amy Li
Jasmine Ylen & Sabrina
Tues @ 7:30 pm
Holly 759
Julio Olivares & Audrey
Wed @ 7 pm
Holly 930
Seekers SG
Derrick Sia & Christian
Team Leader
Wed @ 7 pm
Holly 755
Avery Horne
Tues @ 7:30 pm
Birch 505
ISM leader with Jessica Liu
Sabrina Belen
Leads with Jasmine Ylen
Audrey Chin
Leads with Julio Olivares
Christian Marvin
Leads with Derrick Sia
Jason Ching
Athletes Ministry Leader


Shannon Xiao
Dykstra Area Leader
Sheena Kim with Camille
Dykstra Hall 742
Mondays 7:15pm

Women’s Small Group

Camille Pascual
Leads with Sheena Kim
Dykstra Hall 739
Tuesdays 7pm
Leads with Melanie Nomiya
Pawnch (Daniel Garcia)
with Justina & Diana
Dykstra Hall 931
Wednesdays @ 7pm
Diana Ho
Leads with Pawnch and Justina Ahn
Justina Ahn
Leads with Pawnch and Diana Ho


Kim Lau

Rieber Area Leader & PRISM Leader (LGBTQ Friendly)

PRISM meets Tuesday @ 7pm

Daniel Lewis & Sunjin Kim

Rieber Hall 575
Wednesdays @7:15
Silvia Orellana & Johnny

Rieber Terrace 711
Tuesdays @7:15

Amy Liao & Riley Matsuda

Rieber Hall 783
Tuesdays @ 7:15

Irene Jang & Jessica Pak

Rieber Hall 575
Monday’s @7:15pm
 Katrina Ye

Rieber Hall 773
Odd week Monday’s @ 7:15pm
Sunjin Kim

Leads with Daniel Lewis

Johnny Schmidt

Leads with Silvia Orellana

Riley Matsuda

Leads with Amy Liao

Jessica Pak

Leads with Irene Jang


Anthony Ho

Hedrick Area Leader and Small Group Leader

Hedrick Hall 768
Mondays at 7:15pm
Albert Cheng with Joseph

Hedrick Hall 385
Tuesdays @ 7:15pm
Joseph (Joe) Koh

Leads with Albert Cheng

Ciara Nagao

Hedrick Hall 470
Wednesdays @ 7:15pm


Carly Wong

Leads with Anthony Ho

 Jada DaMae

Leads with Anthony Ho


Stephanie Xu

Leads with Albert Cheng and Joseph Koh

Will Tsai

Leads with Albert Cheng and Joseph Koh

Jocelyn Correa

Leads with Ciara Nagao

Dominique Andrade

Leads with Ciara Nagao

Sunset/Sproul (SunSprout)

Angelica Yi

Area Leader of Sunset/Sproul & Small Group Leader

Canyon Point A6-205
Tuesdays @ 7:15pm

Jess Huang
with Michelle & Justin
Courtside C5 317
Wednesdays @ 7:15pm
Mark Gong

Courtside C7 303
Wednesdays @ 7:15pm
Krystal Lau

Leads with Angelica Yi

Ryan Lo

Leads with Angelica Yi

Justin Gaza

Leads with Jess Huang

Michelle Wu

Leads with Jess Huang

Vincent Loyal

Leads with Mark Gong

Also leads with Jasmine Patel in South East Asian Ministries (see Off-Campus)



Off Campus

Chris Tang

OC Area Leader

Angela Nguyen

403 Landfair #50
Wednesdays @ 7:30pm
Grace Moore

403 Landfair Ave #502
Tuesdays @7:30pm
Co-ed and Filipino
Kevin Chou

403 Landfair Ave #502
Mondays @ 7:30pm
Co-ed & Commuters
Yuji Takaba & Daniel Burke

Location & Time TBD
Grad Students
Jenny Kim

Location & Time TBD
Nursing Small Group Leader
Jasmine Patel & Vincent

South East Asian Ministries (SEAM) Team Leader

SV Courtside C5-317
Tuesday’s @7:30pm
Norman Dela Fuente

Leads with Grace Moore
Justin Ge

Leads with Kevin Chou
Daniel Burke

Leads with Yuji Takaba
Isabelle Liu

Leads with Angela Nguyen

Nicole Chong

Leads with Angela Nguyen

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