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We are a multi-ethnic community of students at UCLA who are seeking to know the full life that Jesus offers. We offer small group communities throughout the dorms and apartments where we study the life of Jesus and the purposes of God, and challenge one another to put our faith into action.

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Zero Week Catalyst 2017

Posted September 14, 2017

Zero Week Catalyst

Our very first large group meeting (called Catalyst) is here! This thursday at De Neve Auditorium, we will be meeting up in a large group. This is a great time to check out what InterVarsity Bruin Christian Fellowship is all about. We will have musical worship, get to meet people, and a talk from IVBCF’s Team Leader, Kelly Joiner. Our theme will be “What’s Your Story?” and we’ll discuss how Jesus feels about our stories and how he wants to amplify what’s beautiful & provide healing to any brokenness in our stories.

Catalyst 2016

When: Thursday of Zero Week at 7:30

Where: De Neve Auditorium (3rd floor above De Neve Dining hall)

Summer Conference 2017

Posted May 3, 2017

Spend A Beautiful Week in the Word

Sunday, June 18 to Saturday, June 24
Campus by the Sea, Catalina Island

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Come join us for a week after finals to grow as individuals and as a community as we study God’s word together at beautiful Catalina Island.  For those of us that are new to our manuscript conferences, you will be studying the gospel of Mark. Other studies will include:  Mark 2, Mark 1 Repeaters, Prayer Seminar and Senior Seminar. It’s going to be a great way to end the year together and to start our summers off on the right foot.  It will be tons of fun and benefit all who come.  Register today!

Location: Campus by the Sea, Catalina Island, CA

Cost: $348 (Scholarships available)

(If you went to Can This Wait as a guest, you are guaranteed at least a partial scholarship)

Deposit: $100

Registration due by: Thursday, June 1

The registration fee is $348 and covers the boat fee, accommodations, food, fun activities, cost for the studies, and everything else for the week. $348 can be a lot of money so please plan to start saving and inquiring about help from parents or others. For those that can’t come up with the whole fee, there will be scholarships available to apply for, but because of the amount of scholarships that are normally asked for, please also consider creative ways to fundraise for the conference.

Studies Offered

  • For new students – Mark 1
  • For students who have completed Mark 1 – Mark 2
  • For sophomores who have completed Mark 1 & 2 – Mark 1 Repeaters
  • For juniors and seniors who have completed Mark – Prayer Seminar
  • Graduating seniors – Senior Seminar

What is Mark Study?

Mark Study is an in-depth look at the life of Jesus.  During the course of the week you will meet with other students like yourself and study the biography of Jesus according to Mark.  It’s one of the best ways to discover for yourself who Jesus is, and what it means to follow him.  Mark 1 is the first half of this biography and it’s open to all students regardless of your spiritual background.  So whether you consider yourself a Christian or not, join us for one of the best experiences that InterVarsity has to offer.

Scholarship Information

If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please complete the online registration, turn in the $100 deposit, and submit the scholarship form to the registrar or any BCF Staff by Thurs, June 1. If you went to Can This Wait as a guest, you are guaranteed at least a partial scholarship

Can This Wait 2017

Posted January 31, 2017


CTW Front Postcard

Give God the weekend…

Friday, February 24 – Sunday, February 26
Campus by the Sea, Catalina Island

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Who is Jesus? What does it mean to follow him? Why should I care?

Come join us on Catalina Island for a weekend of discovering who Jesus is with others who are looking for answers to these questions just like you. Or if you have a friend that needs to know the answers to these questions, invite them to go with you to learn for themselves. Give God the weekend to check this out and decide for yourself, can this wait?

  • Cost: $165 for Hosts, $79 for Guests. (Scholarships are available).
    Transportation, food, and housing are included in the cost of registration.
  • Deposit: $80 for Hosts, $79 for Guests.

How do I register?

You can register to attend Can This Wait online by clicking here.

How do I pay?

You can pay with cash or check to your campus staff or designated registrar, or pay online via Google Wallet. Details will be provided after you register. For UCLA students, please write checks to IVBCF.

If you are interested in a scholarship, please pay the deposit before the deadline. Deposits can be paid either online via Active (register first and then see link to Active site), or in-person: give checks or cash to Audrey Chin at De Neve Birch 523.

Please contact your local campus staff for scholarship information.

Scholarship Information

Scholarship forms are available here. Please complete the forms and turn a hardcopy in with the deposit before the deadline.