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January Jumpstart is our annual winter conference where we spend the weekend on campus as a fellowship studying the Bible & being transformed by it. Using the manuscript bible study method developed by Paul Byer, students dig into biblical texts and study the Scripture in its original context and meaning. Along with having fun in our study groups, we want to live out the Word of God in practical ways and continue to grow in our spiritual journeys. REGISTER ONLINE HERE.

Deadline to register is Tuesday January 15th. Cost will be $40!


Freshmen and People New to InterVarsity - Mark 1

  • A study through the first half of the Gospel of Mark

  • This will start at January Jumpstart and continue weekly through the rest of the semester.

Sophomores - Sermon on the Mount

  • Studying the teachings of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew

Juniors - Genesis

  • Studying the first few chapters of Genesis

Seniors - Senior Seminar

  • Seminar and workshops to help you get equipped for life and faith after college!